Snow Removal

Snow Removal Servics

Our clients trust us to provide reliable, efficient, and effective snow removal services. Our fleet of trucks and equipment is always ready to provide safe access to/from your community. Our goal is to make sure your life continues as usual, regardless of what Mother Nature brings.

We use snow blowers to clear snow from common area sidewalks, allowing children safe access to bus stops and school when it opens.

Our staff is available 24 hours a day during any winter storm. 

Your safety, normal access to/from your home and peace of mind is our main priority. 

D&D provides the following snow removal and ice management services:

  • Street plowing
  • Parking lot clearing
  • Snow movement during large storms
  • Sidewalk clearing
  • Ice melt product application
  • Sand application

Ice Management

Frequently, in our area, ice is a bigger problem than snow. And it is more dangerous.

Monitoring weather forecasts is essential to provide good control over ice. Application of a good ice melt product helps to avoid a situation of layers of ice on streets and sidewalks. It also prevents thawing and refreezing.

Our staff is available 24 hours a day to pre-treat roads, parking lots and sidewalks, assuring you safe access to your front door.